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It's a feature that is useful that players usually don't know about Professional

1 month ago Multimedia Dera Ismāīl Khān   37 views

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Hey writeup. Can I suggest an addition? Include about to accept client orders within the area of 16, screenshot or a blurb. It's a feature that is meseta pso2 useful that players usually don't know about.

That is excellent! From the time I had learned how to do so for me to raly take a lot of benefit from it it was too late. This will help a lot of new players!

Hey guy ty for putting this together, I've a question, lately I've my inventory almost full of 7+stars weapons, I attempt to keep what's (in my limited experience) good affixes.

My question is, there's something or a guide that can help me put a cost?

I attempted using the ingame tool but almost all the time there is a major gap between costs and I'm kinda lost, I've seen 4 star weapons sell for 100k+ meseta and the same affixes on a higher rarity weapon sell for far less than that.

I dont even have a fantastic way of giving you prices than checking against weapons using the same augments other. You're overlooking the affix urge? More augments although weapons with the augments slots are worth more and vice versa. You can even make a good amount of money from increasing the slots good augments.

For affixing augments rarity does not issue. In general you want to search the bolster and see exactly what they're selling for. People love to min max attack stats so those are always more valuable. You also need to take into account augments affixed to a weapon's amount. Less than three individuals will not purchase. On your chosen piece of gear you can get around 100 to one attack stat Together with three augments.

I knew I needed to start reading guides to understand the sport as a novice, but I decided to play it raw (am just a filthy casual player). Now I can begin reading up as I slowly approach the match that is late. Enjoy it!

You know there's something wrong when a game needs a lot of external sources to understand even the basics. Along with the"9 years old sport" narrative doesn't work anymore, since in these years there were well explained and identically complex games. Thank you so much for buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta this manual, maybe not all heroes wear capes.