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The oddments sale is a disgrace and not for the reason jagex thinks Professional

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These oddments promos are currently getting out of hand and probably not for the reasons you believe. Runescape gamers should not need to follow all your social media and play 24/7 to be made aware. As a individual with a occupation I can't just pop over to OSRS Gold For Sale whenever I please or crawl to see upgrades. Before double xp weekend you pulled a similar thing where without any sort of announcement aside from on a jmods twitter (if memory serves me ), you made a decision to make oddments 66 percent off. Okay, rather shitty on your end but hey! At least the voucher continues a few days plenty of time for the news to spread around although there ought to happen to be a post on your site or in-game... Sincey'know.Not everybody uses every social websites.

You pull spit and this unit on the face of people with jobs or that are in a. Without declaring it eliminate it until people who have jobs that are full-time get home, this op promo throws. If I just put my tin-foil hat on I can imagine their buddies and a jmods having up piled oddments like this for things. Was the promo op as shit? Yes. Would anybody who plays Runescape game be able to inform that before it was released? Also yes. Is it fair? Fuck no. All these bonuses are becoming out of hands. Someone who can't play 24/7 hoping for early-bird bonuses, Best wishes.

More like they want individuals to have a very low oddment supply so that when they release a new sale you have to buy keys to choose full advantage.Exactly exactly what I was thinking. It disturbs me how Jagex continues to ruin Runescape match, but I'm not going to let them turn me into a whale. Daily keys ought to be sufficient no matter how many more 120s that are compulsory they push.

And this is the reason I haven't spent any XD like I destroy the tickets that are important that are free if you don't take advantage of all that you cant bank or use. Cant trick me with your capitalist ways Jagex! I obtained a bunch of items and piled up 60 th keys from dailies I wanted using the op Crystal promo so it worked. You may only have 5 challenges in a time that I just do mine every day. And also you can stack as many keys as you want but Jagex will try to bribe you if you don't take advantage of all of your previously keys with essential tickets that can't be used.

For some reason they are drifting more and more away from submitting things in their site, sadly I don't have Twitter and always feel like im missing out. Please jagex start using your primary website more, and rework your forums. They're great but needs to be polished and im sure we'll see more action there.Forums? You imply that part of the website with information that is useful, but you wind up in a dead link and get redirected to the forum view, whenever you navigate there with Google?

Show Discord message or me a Tweet, News post in a official Jagex source. This promotion was not a"flash" sale looks more like they made an error on there part and reduced it too much. Now after the reboot to repair the MTX event they"corrected" the malfunction. Is behond me it can not be printed to the front page. They just sent out a survey asking people how they should announce the launch of Archaeology into the public.Not most people can perform 24/7, if you check in here every once in a while you would have had 4 times to use the previous oddment sale. It's not like rewarding individuals need to stop for playing with more and being more up to date? You can not have your cake and eat it too.I mean just read this back just how do this quest worse be a fantastic thing for Runescape game? Ignore all of the controversy, I did speak in my comment about it. Could you not rather have a quest with a cohesive and humourous plot rather than"just another boring pursuit?" But they did. Now I shut up about matters that hardly matter in Runescape game. Many people do you think played with the quest and enjoyed it to the point it makes this outrage worthwhile?

Town at the desert where everybody is named Ali. Central into a quest in which you have to find a Ali, but do not know which one. Oh so they were not all Ali they just changed the names of those people? I thought they changed the town's name and I could not make sense of the.

It was part of this lore... the pursuit its part of is now broken for this. The simple fact that the reason behind everybody being named ali at the first place is now lost. The mayor had composed that he'll leave his fortune to ali, so what exactly did the cities people do to try inherit said fortune? Its just a stupid change to that which was an amusing story, and buy RS3 gold to change it for the sake of"diversity" is simply ridiculous and taken extremely out of context. People have reason. You will see it as harmless, but if say we left jagex to get on with making modifications to this lore, imagine the bigger changes that could be made, what left the lore exciting could be ruined by changes due to"not being diverse enough". People who are passionate about Runescape match they play should be allowed to voice their oppinions.